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Saturday, October 18, 2008

President John S. McCain

It is my prediction that Senator John S. McCain will win the Presidency, despite the MSM attacks on him, endorsements of Barack Hussein Obama by liberal newspapers, and the smearing of his supporters.

When Americans walk into voting booths around the country, many people (including Democrats) will pull the McCain lever. Why? Because they will understand the magnitude of what they are doing....which is possibly voting for a Communist over a bona fide American war hero. That simply isn't an option, much less in the middle of a conflict with Islamo-Fascism around the world.

I believe that the MSM is attempting to suppress Conservative turnout for McCain by projecting a sense of "inevitability" about Obama. Remember how well that "inevitability" worked for Hillary Clinton? In the end, the voters will make the right choice and vote for McCain / Palin.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

World In Chaos

It appears to me that the world is on the verge of a major upheaval like one we've never seen. Al Qaida, though presently damaged, is not broken. I believe our political leaders do not have the willpower that Al Qaida has. If there are two or three die hard Al Qaida terrorists alive, they will always be able to re-man, re-group, re-train, and strike us again.

Americans have such a short attention span. Islamists, in contrast, have a generations-long collective attention span. With or without Osama bin Laden, Al Qaida and their cohorts will remain a potent political and terrorist force.

The events in Pakistan are extremely destabilizing. Pakistan is in possession of nuclear weapons and Al Qaida is obviously wanting to take over that country and overthrow Musharaff to gain control. Despite the differences between the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto and President Musharaff, they had the same enemies: Islamo-Facists bent on Sharia Law and the destruction of Western civilization and influence.

The assassination of Bhutto was not intended to stop her or her party from success, but to divide Pakistan between Musharaff's camp and Bhutto's camp...allowing Al Qaida and militant Pakistani tribal leaders an opening to real power. This follows their plan in Iraq to the letter: Divide and Conquer. The only thing that will stop it now is American military intervention. As much as we don't want to get involved in another war, it may be the only to stop a full-scale regional conflict and world war.

Iranian nuclear weaponry is on the horizon. They will surely weaponize their nuclear stockpiles and aim nuclear missiles are Israel. It's inevitable. In this case, as well, if we don't intervent, we lose in the long run.

Do Americans have what it takes to win the war on Islamo-fascism? I believe it will come down to who they select as their next President. It will show what they are truly made of...whether it be cowards or fighters. Only someone in firm support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to solidify our gains in those arenas, and willing to directly (i.e. militarily) confront Iran to halt their nuclear ambitions, will be able to carry on the fight. No Democrat is acceptable. Some of the Republicans just as weak.

The next election could literally determine the fate of this country and the entire West for the next few hundred years. We had better choose wisely, lest we end up just like Rome. If that's the route we take, we will be like the ancient Roman historians who wrote in their contemporary times, futility and helplessly witnessing and writing about the downfall of civilization. If, after a few hundred years, the Islamists outlast the West, we will enter the darkest age in human civilization. Human progress will cease. They are willing to wait hundeds, or perhaps a thousand years or even more, to win. Are we?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

For All Who Are Lost

Through the darkness and faint spirit of the hours before dawn
When I am awake and the world sleeps, in exhausted slumber
Weary of the pace of life, cruelty, uncaring and the indifference
In those wee hours when mankind's hope is at it's lowest ebb

I see a place, an ideal, where life is good and people are kind
There are no treasures or gold, except those within the heart
And from a loving heart, comes joy and bounty for all to share
A thousand smiles of caring, hope & true love to spread afar

Every night, a candle burns bright in my window, as a beacon
For all who are lost, weary, homeless and in need of comfort
A flickering light, welcoming all with burdens beyond solution
With shelter, nourishment and caring, there may be a way out

Of the darkness of despair, Yet for all that, I am but a bridge
Who can give respite, hope and time, yet I cannot carry you
Nor can I give you strength or wisdom beyond my love for you.
Take from my strength and hope all you can, and find a way

For you, your future and all of your tomorrow's, I ask simply this
That you put away the hurt, the slings and arrows of misfortune
Accept that who you wish to be today is the person you could be
What is gone, lost or suffered has passed, What about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is ever a bright sunrise, with hope and a blank page
That only you can fill with the writings of your actions to fill it
Should the page remain blank, curse not your fellow man
But find a way tomorrow, to write words of effort and hope

The night comes again and I look for you, with hearth and food
Ready for you to come and share with me, the hope of tomorrow
I wonder, will you come? Or has the darkness conquered you
I know not, but look for the candle and if you can, come to me

Contributed By: RyanDonavon
Thanksgiving Day, 2007
Copyright held by Ryan Donavon, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Warming Hoax

On Nov. 22nd, I was watching one of the science channels on Dishnetwork. I'll have to update in order to provide readers with the name of the show and the exact channel. The show was about a solo science expedition undertaken by a climate researcher in Alaska. The premise of the show was that Alaskan ice caps were basically melting into the sea, providing proof of an environmental catastrophe in progress.

The most interesting part of this "science" show was the obvious lack of science. The researcher was shown numerous times in slow motion while in a kayak navigating melting waterways, a powered parachute ride over the frozen tundra, and some dangerous iceberg climbing. The narrator made sure the viewers were aware of the extreme danger taking place on the screen. Ok, we get it: The researcher is very athletic and likes to take part in extreme sports. This was just an attempt to make climate researchers look like the legendary X-Men, and a cover for the fact that the rest of the show had no science.

I have a science background myself, so I watched with an educated eye at some of the activities taking place on this "science" expedition. I observed this researcher taking an ice sample from a lower strata of ice and purposely scraping a higher strata of ice, then packaging that ice in a container. Obviously, this method would contaminate the sample. I fail to understand why this was done. It is not a scientific approach.

The narrator constantly repeated that the "environment began to change" when humans introduced greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. He acted as if the environment had never changed before; as if the Earth were in a static environmental situation prior to the arrival of humans. This is not scientific. The Earth has alternated between relatively extreme situations. The Earth has been frozen over completely to the equator, and inversely the ice caps have in the past been melted completely. This was all before the arrival of humans. It is therefore laughable that a miniscule change in temperature over the course of a hundred, or a few hundred, years is attributable to human activity.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Surge Progress In Iraq / Liberal MSM

The much lampooned "surge" in Iraq is, to be blunt, WORKING. Despite all the naysayers who disparaged the effort before it even began, American and Iraqi troops are making progress.

Days now go by in Baghdad without major attacks. Deaths are down drastically. People feel free enough to walk the streets and night and let their children walk to school.

It's been revealed that Al Qaida was pushed out of Baghdad by an intelligence effort that included a siezed map that described multiple "rings" around Baghdad that were implemented to ferry arms and people to fight American and Iraqi soldiers. These "rings" have been crushed. Al Qaida is now quite busy fighting Iraqis who are hunting them down and evading civilians who are turning them into the authorities. Osama bin Laden himself recently released a recording chastising Arabs in Iraq because of the ground they've been losing militarily.

The major newspapers, and mass media in general, are ignoring positive results in Iraq. Luckily, online sources spread information virtually instantly, making traditional mass media almost irrelevent. The MSM is basically moot. Who wants to watch the 6 O'Clock news when that news is outdated hours before a broadcast? Purposely withholding information about a critical war is a recipe for disaster, business-wise. They are already on a downward spiral. This is an instant-information society. Standing in the way of that is like standing in the way of a sunami with an umbrella and some wishful thinking.