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Saturday, October 18, 2008

President John S. McCain

It is my prediction that Senator John S. McCain will win the Presidency, despite the MSM attacks on him, endorsements of Barack Hussein Obama by liberal newspapers, and the smearing of his supporters.

When Americans walk into voting booths around the country, many people (including Democrats) will pull the McCain lever. Why? Because they will understand the magnitude of what they are doing....which is possibly voting for a Communist over a bona fide American war hero. That simply isn't an option, much less in the middle of a conflict with Islamo-Fascism around the world.

I believe that the MSM is attempting to suppress Conservative turnout for McCain by projecting a sense of "inevitability" about Obama. Remember how well that "inevitability" worked for Hillary Clinton? In the end, the voters will make the right choice and vote for McCain / Palin.

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