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Friday, October 19, 2007

On Dr. James Watson.....

Many want to discredit Dr. Watson for his recent comments regarding race, and racial differences in particular. This has become a political issue, as he is now under attack for making statements suggesting that blacks are less intelligent on average than whites. Dr. Watson has been suspended from his academic post.

First of all, let's give credit where credit it due. Dr. Watson is one of the greatest human beings ever to live. He helped discover the DNA double helix. I think that pretty much trumps anything he could do wrong in his life, especially a comment about an opinion he has.

Secondly, it is worth investigating his claims. Why not engage in an objective, scientific study to either confirm or disprove...his comments. Why must people become emotional instead of objective?

Evolution has interesting ways of working. There is a reason that certain pre-modern humans are not around any longer. Modern humans evolved from those ancient species. In the process of evolution, species first diverged from sub-species. A race could be considered a sub-species, or at least a sub-set of a sub-species. Evolution has to start somewhere and that's where it begins.

Africans are the oldest race on the planet. This has been confirmed through DNA analysis (thanks, Dr. Watson). If a sub-set diverges from another set, such as the departure into Europe, the Middle East, and Asia of ancient humans, could differences have resulted over time? For sure, physical differences developed. That is obvious. Are differences isolated to ONLY physical features? What about internal organs like the brain? Could differences have resulted as a result of this divergence? Most scientists would agree that this would be inevitable.

I'm sure some liberals will automatically assume I agree with Dr. Watson's personal opinion on the differences among the races. This isn't true. I am simply saying: Do a scientific, objective assessment to validate or disprove the statements. That's how the scientific process works, right?

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Anonymous said...

I'll try to post a comment this way. Research the stats on which ethnic group scores on the national average the lowest of all standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT tests; the lowest IQs; the highest highest high school drop-out rate; and the highest illegitimatcy rate in he U.S..

JJ said...


First of all, I have provided the option of leaving a name, even a fake one.

In any case, foreign-born Asians score the highest on IQ tests. However, Asians born in the West score evenly with Caucasians. Most scientists attribute this to the fact that Asian languages cause the brain to function on a slightly different level because of the pictoral attributes of Mandarin, Japanese, and other Asian writing types. In general, Asians and Caucasians born in the same areas, speaking and writing the same languages, score evenly on intelligence tests. African-derived humans, however, consistently score lower on IQ tests regardless of their language type or birthplace.