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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Surge Progress In Iraq / Liberal MSM

The much lampooned "surge" in Iraq is, to be blunt, WORKING. Despite all the naysayers who disparaged the effort before it even began, American and Iraqi troops are making progress.

Days now go by in Baghdad without major attacks. Deaths are down drastically. People feel free enough to walk the streets and night and let their children walk to school.

It's been revealed that Al Qaida was pushed out of Baghdad by an intelligence effort that included a siezed map that described multiple "rings" around Baghdad that were implemented to ferry arms and people to fight American and Iraqi soldiers. These "rings" have been crushed. Al Qaida is now quite busy fighting Iraqis who are hunting them down and evading civilians who are turning them into the authorities. Osama bin Laden himself recently released a recording chastising Arabs in Iraq because of the ground they've been losing militarily.

The major newspapers, and mass media in general, are ignoring positive results in Iraq. Luckily, online sources spread information virtually instantly, making traditional mass media almost irrelevent. The MSM is basically moot. Who wants to watch the 6 O'Clock news when that news is outdated hours before a broadcast? Purposely withholding information about a critical war is a recipe for disaster, business-wise. They are already on a downward spiral. This is an instant-information society. Standing in the way of that is like standing in the way of a sunami with an umbrella and some wishful thinking.

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