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Saturday, November 24, 2007

For All Who Are Lost

Through the darkness and faint spirit of the hours before dawn
When I am awake and the world sleeps, in exhausted slumber
Weary of the pace of life, cruelty, uncaring and the indifference
In those wee hours when mankind's hope is at it's lowest ebb

I see a place, an ideal, where life is good and people are kind
There are no treasures or gold, except those within the heart
And from a loving heart, comes joy and bounty for all to share
A thousand smiles of caring, hope & true love to spread afar

Every night, a candle burns bright in my window, as a beacon
For all who are lost, weary, homeless and in need of comfort
A flickering light, welcoming all with burdens beyond solution
With shelter, nourishment and caring, there may be a way out

Of the darkness of despair, Yet for all that, I am but a bridge
Who can give respite, hope and time, yet I cannot carry you
Nor can I give you strength or wisdom beyond my love for you.
Take from my strength and hope all you can, and find a way

For you, your future and all of your tomorrow's, I ask simply this
That you put away the hurt, the slings and arrows of misfortune
Accept that who you wish to be today is the person you could be
What is gone, lost or suffered has passed, What about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is ever a bright sunrise, with hope and a blank page
That only you can fill with the writings of your actions to fill it
Should the page remain blank, curse not your fellow man
But find a way tomorrow, to write words of effort and hope

The night comes again and I look for you, with hearth and food
Ready for you to come and share with me, the hope of tomorrow
I wonder, will you come? Or has the darkness conquered you
I know not, but look for the candle and if you can, come to me

Contributed By: RyanDonavon
Thanksgiving Day, 2007
Copyright held by Ryan Donavon, 2007

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