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Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Warming Hoax

On Nov. 22nd, I was watching one of the science channels on Dishnetwork. I'll have to update in order to provide readers with the name of the show and the exact channel. The show was about a solo science expedition undertaken by a climate researcher in Alaska. The premise of the show was that Alaskan ice caps were basically melting into the sea, providing proof of an environmental catastrophe in progress.

The most interesting part of this "science" show was the obvious lack of science. The researcher was shown numerous times in slow motion while in a kayak navigating melting waterways, a powered parachute ride over the frozen tundra, and some dangerous iceberg climbing. The narrator made sure the viewers were aware of the extreme danger taking place on the screen. Ok, we get it: The researcher is very athletic and likes to take part in extreme sports. This was just an attempt to make climate researchers look like the legendary X-Men, and a cover for the fact that the rest of the show had no science.

I have a science background myself, so I watched with an educated eye at some of the activities taking place on this "science" expedition. I observed this researcher taking an ice sample from a lower strata of ice and purposely scraping a higher strata of ice, then packaging that ice in a container. Obviously, this method would contaminate the sample. I fail to understand why this was done. It is not a scientific approach.

The narrator constantly repeated that the "environment began to change" when humans introduced greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. He acted as if the environment had never changed before; as if the Earth were in a static environmental situation prior to the arrival of humans. This is not scientific. The Earth has alternated between relatively extreme situations. The Earth has been frozen over completely to the equator, and inversely the ice caps have in the past been melted completely. This was all before the arrival of humans. It is therefore laughable that a miniscule change in temperature over the course of a hundred, or a few hundred, years is attributable to human activity.

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